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The 49 Best Coding Bootcamps

Course Report's Top Schools of 2017

By: Liz Eggleston

Last Update: 10/26/2017

As the leading authority on coding bootcamps, the team at Course Report has been researching, tracking, and sharing the latest on the coding bootcamp industry since 2013. And now, we have used those 4 years of knowledge and expertise to curate a list of the top 49 in-person coding bootcamps around the world. Put simply, these are the 49 schools we would recommend to our own friends.

To create this list, we considered immersive (full-time, in-person) web and mobile development bootcamps. This list is not a ranking, but rather bootcamps are listed alphabetically. All of these bootcamps have been rated at least ★★★★ by alumni, demonstrate a proven curriculum, and have graduated at least one cohort of alumni. Other attributes we sought out when choosing the best bootcamps:

  • Transparent student outcomes
  • Multiple campuses
  • Reputable instructors
  • Commitment to diversity
  • Scholarships or innovative payment plans
  • An intentional application process

Remember, there is no “best coding bootcamp” – the best school depends on your own learning style, availability, career goals, location etc. The following is a list of 48 quality bootcamps, but no matter how many accolades a school has, do your research: read reviews, talk to alumni, visit the classroom, and ask about job outcomes data.

This list includes in-person bootcamps only; stay tuned for our list of best Online coding bootcamps!

When bootcamps stand out in certain areas, we award them the following Badges of Honor.

A school has 100 or more reviews and a 4+ star rating

A school has published their student job outcomes

A school has a broad alumni network

A school has been operating for more than 3 years

The Top 49 Best Bootcamps:


  • Logo emblem red 1000 1

    App Academy

    Overall Rating: (4.68)
    326 Reviews

    San Francisco, New York City10 Courses

    App Academy is an immersive 12-week Ruby-focused web development course with campuses in San Francisco and New York City. Students interested in this intense program should expect to put in 90-100 hours per week. The first 9 weeks of the course are focused on learning web development skills in multiple languages, and the following 3 weeks are a robust job-search curriculum focusing on algorithms, interview skills, and other technical interview focused skill sets. Upon graduation, students will have a portfolio of real-world projects to show to prospective employers. 

    Top Review:

    great experience

    Im amazed at how quickly I was able to go from zero to hired in such a short amount of time. The app academy curriculum is well designed and the instructors are ( more)

    Review By: Calvin
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  • 320 bitmaker glyph bold wb


    Overall Rating: (4.39)
    42 Reviews

    Toronto6 Courses

    Bitmaker offers full-time, 9-week web development, UX, and product design courses, along with part-time, 12-week front-end web development, user experience design, and digital marketing courses in Toronto, Canada. Startup accelerators launch companies; Bitmaker launches careers. It starts by surrounding students with a cohort of highly motivated, entrepreneurial learners and a team of tech industry leaders. Then Bitmaker teaches the skills top companies are looking for and gives the confidence needed to grow long after the course is over. The Bitmaker team is comprised of top industry veterans who have experience at Shopify, General Assembly, Wealthsimple, Wave, and Pivotal Labs. With top instructors comes top results, and over 90% of the hundreds of full-time Bitmaker graduates launch a career in technology within 3 months of graduating. Bitmaker believes that in the right environment, you can do anything.

    Top Review:

    Digital renaissance for the soul

    I remember i came in like a stray puppy looking for shelter and direction.  Three months later, they churned out a thorough-breed ready to take on the world! ( more)

    Review By: Denis S. Dujota
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  • 00 brainstation icon blue


    Overall Rating: (4.51)
    135 Reviews

    Toronto, Vancouver, New York City, San Jose, Online37 Courses

    BrainStation offers full-time, 10-week programs in Web Development and User Experience Design along with part-time courses in Web Development, iOS Development, Digital Marketing, Data Analytics, Product Management, and UX/UI Design in Toronto, Vancouver, NYC, San Jose, and online. BrainStation empowers individuals and businesses to achieve digital success– whether your goal is to make a career switch, launch a business, or simply level up your skillset, there is something for everyone looking to build their digital skills.

    Top Review:

    Digital Marketing a really great investment

    I decided to take the Digital Marketing course at Brainstation because because while I had a peripheral understanding of all things digital - I really wanted to ( more)

    Review By: Kerry Whiteside
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  • Code fellows logo

    Code Fellows

    Overall Rating: (4.14)
    100 Reviews

    Seattle, Portland16 Courses

    Code Fellows offers full-time and part-time web and mobile development courses in Seattle, Washington. Code Fellows provides diverse training methods that include tech talks, pair programming, lectures, and solo project work with extensive access to instructors and teaching assistants. Classes start with the one-day Code 101 workshop in which prospective students explore the world of software development and build a website. The full course listings are Code 201: Foundations of Software Development, Code 301: Intermediate Software Development, and Code 401: Advanced Software Development. In Code 401, students can study Full-Stack JavaScript, Python, or iOS. Full-time classes are four weeks (Code 201 and Code 301) or 10 weeks (Code 401). Students attend classes from 9 am to 6pm, Monday through Friday. Part time classes are 8 weeks (Code 201 and Code 301) or 20 weeks (Code 401). Students meet Monday through Thursday evenings, 6:30pm - 9:30pm, and one full weekend day, 9am to 6pm. Each course includes project weeks, with professional development curriculum and job search assistance included in all Code 401 programs. Graduates have a 95% successful placement rate, and over 650 students had graduated from Code Fellows' advanced training course.

    Top Review:

    CF is the place that I needed

    As a small backstory, I have dabbled in tech and code my whole life, without any expertise of note. I had been in the service industry for about 20 years, and a ( more)

    Review By: Dustin B
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  • Coder academy 07

    Coder Academy

    Overall Rating: (4.86)
    29 Reviews

    Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane5 Courses

    Coder Academy is an accredited Australian coding bootcamp located in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. The programming bootcamp offers a six-month 'Fast Track' program split into four sections covering computer science fundamentals and two full technology stacks – Ruby on Rails and MEAN Stack (AngularJS/Node.js), as well as ReactJS.

    Top Review:

    Totally worth it!!!

    After making the tough decision to switch careers into programming, I was up against very lean set of options of bootcamps in Australia. Couple of reasons why I ( more)

    Review By: Vignesh Natarajan
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  • Cf logo and badges nondistressed 01

    Coder Foundry

    Overall Rating: (4.64)
    64 Reviews

    Greensboro, New York City, Charlotte12 Courses

    Coder Foundry is a training program that teaches three-month courses to a variety of skill levels and assists with finding students their dream jobs. For students who already know how to program but want to strengthen their skills and get a promotion, the Master Class will teach the skills needed to be an expert. Students at Coder Foundry will learn the .NET stack, HTML5, and AngularJS. Students will also be mentored by current IT professionals.

    Top Review:

    Full Stack Immersive NYC

    Coder Foundry is very much a web development bootcamp on the Microsoft stack and it's the real deal. At my cohort the absolute most time spent in "lecture" was ( more)

    Review By: Nicholas Bonvan
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  • Screen 20shot 202015 10 14 20at 205 22 30 20pm


    Overall Rating: (4.95)
    96 Reviews

    Los Angeles, New York City6 Courses

    Codesmith offers a full-time, 12-week full stack software engineering bootcamp in Los Angeles, California, New York City, and at Oxford University. Codesmith is a selective, need-blind program focusing largely on computer science and full-stack JavaScript, with an emphasis on valuable contemporary technologies - React, Redux, Node, build tools, and machine learning. This program enables Codesmith students (known as Residents) to build compelling open-source projects and ultimately move on to positions as leading software engineers.

    Top Review:

    An amazing community

    There are tons of coding bootcamps, but only a small percentage of those schools have the potential to substantially accelerate your career. Codesmith is, witho ( more)

    Review By: Matt
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  • Cd logo blue 600x600

    Coding Dojo

    Overall Rating: (4.13)
    171 Reviews

    Seattle, San Francisco, Online, Los Angeles, Dallas, Silicon Valley, Chicago, Washington, Tulsa32 Courses

    Coding Dojo is a unique coding bootcamp that teaches three full technology stacks in a single 14-week program. Coding Dojo has campuses in Berkeley, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Orange County, Seattle, Silicon Valley and Washington DC. Since 2012, Coding Dojo has helped individuals from a variety of backgrounds and skill levels transform into professional developers who go on to be hired by start-ups and world-class companies like Amazon, Apple, Expedia, Microsoft, JPMorgan Chase, DocuSign and Skytap. To land these jobs, Coding Dojo promises one-on-one sessions with a career advisor, open forums with industry leaders, and comprehensive job-hunting workshops.

    Top Review:

    I now have a career that I love because of Coding Dojo

    Joining Coding Dojo was one of the best decisions of my life. I can't say enough great things about it. I walked into the onsite boot camp with no more than ( more)

    Review By: Ekapob Ukritnukun
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  • Ct logo

    Coding Temple

    Overall Rating: (4.89)
    47 Reviews

    Chicago, Washington, Boston16 Courses

    Coding Temple is a 10-week, full-stack coding bootcamp in Chicago that focuses on ASP.NET, MVC, Python and JavaScript. Founded by Berkeley graduate and entrepreneur Avi Patel, Coding Temple teaches in downtown Chicago. Technologies covered in the program include C#, Entity, SQL, jQuery, and ASP.NET. Students will also learn best practices including Test Driven Development and Agile Development and how to develop industry standard application and get hands on experience with partnered clients. Coding Temple also offers weekend workshops on specific topics. 

    Top Review:

    Coding Temple .net review

    When I was first considering coding boot camps, I was very hesitant to make the investment. The Coding Temple reviews seemed too good to be true. After further ( more)

    Review By: Jake S
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  • Decode mtl 20logo 20new


    Overall Rating: (4.58)
    40 Reviews

    Montreal4 Courses

    DecodeMTL is an 8-week, full-stack JavaScript bootcamp located in Montreal, Canada and online. DecodeMTL believes education should evolve with the times so they are in contact with employers, ensuring the subjects taught are the most in-demand skills of today. The DecodeMTL teaching methodology includes project based teaching and learning from mistakes. While there are no grades or exams at DecodeMTL, students will build a total of four projects in groups and create a number of smaller individual projects.

    Top Review:

    Intense and rewarding

    tl;dr: Decode is great. Do it. Want to learn to code useful things? Decode is for you. Want to understand how web technologies work? Decode guides you quite ( more)

    Review By: Michael
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  • Devlogo black sq


    Overall Rating: (4.59)
    52 Reviews

    Milwaukee3 Courses

    devCodeCamp delivers a choice of programs focused on relevant skills and technologies needed in Software Development in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The full-time, full-stack 12-week Software Development program focuses on C# and .Net. The program also covers the fundamentals of computer science and software engineering so there is no need to go it alone online before the program starts. 

    Top Review:

    Great Program, Greater Experience Gained

    When starting devCodeCamp, I had next to no experience with development. I knew a little about html and css but nothing that could be considered a marketable sk ( more)

    Review By: Andrew Jordan
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  • Dev mountain logo


    Overall Rating: (4.66)
    212 Reviews

    Provo, Salt Lake City, Dallas, Phoenix, Online14 Courses

    DevMountain offers both 16-week, part-time and 12-week, full-time tech bootcamp courses at campuses in Phoenix, Dallas, Provo, and Salt Lake City. Students are trained and mentored by DevMountain staff and industry experts. The programs are designed to accommodate everyone from beginners to individuals with more programming experience. DevMountain's expert faculty love sharing their craft and empowering the next wave of programmers and entrepreneurs through hands-on learning, a flipped classroom, intense instruction, and engaged mentorship.

    Top Review:

    I would definitely do it again

    DevMountain was a challenging but fulfilling experience. It costs a lot of money, but the tradeoff is worth it as long as you are willing to work hard to get to ( more)

    Review By: Anonymous
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  • Beaker white 256

    DevPoint Labs

    Overall Rating: (4.86)
    70 Reviews

    Salt Lake City4 Courses

    DevPoint Labs is an 11-week coding and entrepreneur bootcamp in Silicon Slopes, Utah. DevPoint Labs is a community of experts teaching people how to build amazing things with code and design. In partnership with the University of Utah, they have a Web Development Certificate Course. Offering courses in UX, web development and data analytics, DevPoint Labs' approach to learning combines pair programming with traditional lectures and a mix of group projects, lean methodologies, hackathons and one-on-one mentorship from instructors. 

    Top Review:

    Great Class and People

    This class is a really good jump start into a technical career! The part time class has a limited amount of time and it's really hard to go over as much content ( more)

    Review By: TJ
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  • Digitalcrafts logo 1200x1200


    Overall Rating: (4.92)
    90 Reviews

    Atlanta, Houston6 Courses

    DigitalCrafts offers a 16-week full-time and a 24-week part-time full-stack developer bootcamp in Atlanta & Houston. DigitalCrafts offers intensive classroom experiences for full and part-time students, transforming beginners into full stack software developers trained in JavaScript, React, Node.js, Python, and more. Unique to DigitalCrafts is the Elective Program, where students or alumni may elect to study rotating concepts like “CS Fundamentals” as an additional perk of joining their network.

    Top Review:

    Excellent school with great instructors!

    DigitalCrafts was a great experience for me overall. I was a true beginner when it came to coding and computer science, I started coding about 2-3 months before ( more)

    Review By: Shahram Ghassemi
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  • Eleven fifty badge red

    Eleven Fifty Academy

    Overall Rating: (4.74)
    34 Reviews

    Indianapolis42 Courses

    Eleven Fifty Academy is a non-profit coding school in Fishers, Indiana offering a range of courses from 2 days to 12 weeks. Focused on helping aspiring developers launch, change, or enhance their careers, Eleven Fifty Academy offers accelerated learning programs in an immersive environment. Courses are designed to give students the practical skills they need to discover and develop their coding abilities. Course subject matter ranges from Java, JavaScript, Microsoft .NET to Python, Android, and Agile Development; with 12-week courses focused on .NET, JavaScript, and Java. Eleven Fifty Academy provides opportunities a hands-on, project-centric teaching approach for students to grow their soft skills as well as their coding skills through tech, friendly, entrepreneurial-minded classroom instruction. Courses are currently taught at the start-up incubator Launch Fishers.

    Top Review:

    JavaScript Graduate

    Eleven Fifty is a great program and offers very talented instructors. I was thoroughly impressed at how willing to help each of the instructors are. This is a v ( more)

    Review By: Isaac Ludlow
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  • Epicodus ico


    Overall Rating: (4.74)
    121 Reviews

    Portland, Seattle, Online29 Courses

    Epicodus is a full-time coding bootcamp offering 27-week courses in Portland, OR, and Seattle, WA. Students learn everything they need to know to get a job as a web or mobile developer by learning Ruby and Rails, CSS and Design, C# and .NET, PHP and Drupal, and Java and Android. Each track includes Intro to Programming and JavaScript. At Epicodus, students learn how to build web applications from top to bottom with modern technologies and practices. More important than any particular skill, cohorts are taught how to think like a programmer, write good code, and pick up new languages and technologies in this fast-changing industry.

    Top Review:

    Best time and money I've ever spent

    I took the evening intro program because I was enrolled full time in college and I wanted a course that would fit my schedule. I also wanted to learn a lot in t ( more)

    Review By: Michael
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  • Flatironschool

    Flatiron School

    Overall Rating: (4.78)
    220 Reviews

    New York City, Online5 Courses

    Flatiron School is an outcomes-focused coding bootcamp that offers Full Stack Web Development and iOS Development programs on its NYC and Online campuses. Flatiron School has led the bootcamp industry on outcomes, backing its 98% job placements rate and $75k starting salary with annual independently-verified jobs reports. Flatiron School also offers several free introductory courses, including Bootcamp Prep, and Certificate courses on their online campus.

    Top Review:


    I took the prep-course and everything was great, especially the assistance that I received from the instructors.Thank you.      ( more)

    Review By: Lidian
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  • Course report fullstack academy 600 600

    Fullstack Academy

    Overall Rating: (4.9)
    113 Reviews

    New York City, Chicago, Online11 Courses

    Fullstack Academy is an immersive web development bootcamp with campuses in New York City, Chicago, and online through a synchronous, remote platform. Fullstack's 13-week to 28-week courses with advanced curriculum of JavaScript-oriented technologies prepares students for top development jobs at tech firms and startups. In addition to full-stack JavaScript, the curriculum teaches computer science topics including compiler theory, logic gates, and building an operating system. The CTO lecture series is integrated into the immersive curriculum and provides training for tech leadership and career development. Fullstack Academy also offers flexible options for college students and those who wish to continue working in their current positions while learning modern web development. The Summer of Code program is an accelerated version of the immersive bootcamp for college students on summer break, and part-time offerings include a six-month part-time version of the immersive (usually 3 months) and a 4-week course designed to help students pass rigorous bootcamp admissions processes.

    Top Review:

    I was wrong

    I am reviewing Fullstack again because I sent in my review far too early in my job hunting process. Originally I felt that the career support was not very helpf ( more)

    Review By: Shawn Swyx Wang
    Reviewer's Score: Read Full Review
  • 1982192 823446997671475 891607919 n


    Overall Rating: (4.46)
    115 Reviews

    Boulder, Denver, Seattle, San Francisco, Denver, Phoenix, Austin, Online, New York City36 Courses

    Galvanize offers a 24-week JavaScript coding bootcamp and a 12-week data science bootcamp with campuses in Austin, Boulder, Denver, Phoenix, San Francisco, Seattle and New York City. The web development bootcamp covers full stack JavaScript including AngulaJS, Node.js, and Express.js. The data science bootcamp covers Python, SQL, and Hadoop.

    Top Review:

    Data Science Immersive

    This is a total career shift for me. (You can do it, too!) I have had a lot of different kinds of jobs over the last decade and discovered that wanted to become ( more)

    Review By: Taylor H.
    Reviewer's Score: Read Full Review
  • General Assembly offers courses in web and mobile development, product management, data science and more, online and in-person, across 15 campuses in 4 continents. Focusing on the most relevant and in-demand skills across data, design, business and technology, General Assembly is confronting a skills gap through best-in-class instruction and providing access to opportunities in tech. General Assembly works with students online and in-person across 15 campuses in 4 continents. General Assembly offers a breadth of different course offerings and classes range from full-time immersive courses for learners that want to switch to a new career, to part-time courses for learners that are looking to improve their career trajectory by acquiring a new skill set, and mentor-led online circuits for a more flexible way to acquire foundational skills.   

    Top Review:

    Web Development Immersive / Product Manager

    I can't thank General Assembly enough for the great experience that I had. Prior to GA, I was working a retail job where I wasn't feeling fullfiled with the wor ( more)

    Review By: Dennis L
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  • 161012 gh facebook profile 2x

    Grace Hopper Program

    Overall Rating: (4.96)
    23 Reviews

    New York City1 Course

    The Grace Hopper Program is a 17-week, immersive software engineering program for women with no upfront tuition cost in New York City (13-weeks of the course will be on campus). Named for pioneer computer scientist Grace Murray Hopper, the program is driven by three values: education, opportunity, and mentorship. By employing a deferred tuition model, students only pay tuition once they secure a job after graduation. Grace Hopper aims to lower the barrier to entry and accept qualified candidates who cannot afford the upfront cost of a coding bootcamp. Once graduates land a job, they pay $19,610 tuition in installments over 9 months.

    Top Review:

    Grace Hopper

    I would definitely recommend attending Grace Hopper! Overall, I had a great experience and was able to find a job as a software engineer fairly quickly after gr ( more)

    Review By: Anonymous
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  • New logo monochromatic gradient

    Hackbright Academy

    Overall Rating: (4.36)
    44 Reviews

    San Francisco, San Jose5 Courses

    Hackbright Academy is a software engineering school for women in San Francisco, California founded in 2012. The school offers a 12-week, immersive full-time software engineering program and a 24-week, part-time program, both of which cover the fundamentals of computer science and modern web development such as the command line, Python, JavaScript, HTML & CSS, Git, Flask, Django, pair programming, SQL/ORMS/NoSQL, and deployment. The part-time program covers the same content as the immersive program, but is designed for students who want to maintain their jobs. Hackbright also offers a 4-week part-time prep course, which teaches the foundations of programming; and a week-long immersive prep course. 

    Top Review:

    One of the best decisions I have ever made!

    Before Hackbright, I couldn't even imagine myself spending the kind of money it costs to attend a bootcamp, so I started teaching myself how to code. Several ye ( more)

    Review By: Christine Urban
    Reviewer's Score: Read Full Review
  • Stacked hycollege small


    Overall Rating: (4.95)
    84 Reviews

    Toronto14 Courses

    HackerYou offers 9-week, full-time front end web development courses, and 6-week, part-time web development courses and in Toronto, Canada. HackerYou’s full-time Front-End Web Development Immersive bootcamp covers HTML5 & CSS3, responsive design, JavaScript, jQuery, API and WordPress as well as non-technical skills like personal branding, finding and managing clients, and growing a business. HackerYou's part-time courses are Web Development Fundamentals & Advanced Web Development, JavaScript Fundamentals & Advanced JavaScript, UX Fundamentals & Advanced UX, and a Full-Stack Masterclass. Part-time classes either run in the evenings, twice a week for 6 weeks or on weekends, once a week for 6 weeks.

    Top Review:

    The best decision I made in 2017

    When I started researching courses earlier this year I was actually skeptical of all the glowing five-star reviews online, but now I'm one of those people sayin ( more)

    Review By: Jen
    Reviewer's Score: Read Full Review
  • Logo graybg 02

    Hack Reactor

    Overall Rating: (4.55)
    169 Reviews

    San Francisco, Online, New York City, Los Angeles, Austin, San Francisco8 Courses

    Founded in 2012, Hack Reactor is a 12-week immersive coding school providing software engineering education, career placement services, and a lifelong network of professional peers. Hack Reactor has campuses in San Francisco, Austin, Los Angeles, and New York City, as well as an online, remote immersive (full-time and part-time)​. After 800+ hours of curriculum, students graduate as full-stack software engineers and JavaScript programmers.

    Top Review:

    Best Decision of my LIfe

    I attended Hack Reactor May - July 2017, and can confidently say that it was  among the best personal and professional decisions I have made in my life. Not onl ( more)

    Review By: Hank Bowen
    Reviewer's Score: Read Full Review
  • Holbertonschool

    Holberton School

    Overall Rating: (4.93)
    28 Reviews

    San Francisco1 Course

    Holberton School is a two-year software engineering school based in San Francisco that trains individuals to become fullstack engineers. Named for Betty Holberton who worked on the ENIAC Programmers Project (the first programmable computer), the school's mission is to train the next generation of software developers through 100% hands-on learning. Upon completion of the program, students complete a 6-month internship.

    Top Review:

    Holberton School was a great choice!

    As a current student of Holberton School I can't rave enough about this place. The founders have established an almost perfect environment to learn how to be a ( more)

    Review By: Shannon Anderson-Cockern
    Reviewer's Score: Read Full Review
  • Logo ironhack blue


    Overall Rating: (4.9)
    337 Reviews

    Miami, Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Mexico City, Berlin32 Courses

    Ironhack is a 9-week, full-time and 24-week, part-time web development and UX/UI design bootcamp in Miami, Florida; Madrid and Barcelona, Spain; Paris, France; and Mexico City, Mexico. Ironhack uses a customized approach to education by allowing students to shape their experience based on personal goals. The admissions process includes submitting a written application, a personal interview, and then a technical interview. Students who graduate from the Web Development Bootcamp will be skilled in technologies like JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3. The UX/UI program covers Design Thinking, Photoshop, Sketch, Balsamiq, InVision, and JavaScript.

    Top Review:


    I had the chance to experience the full time Ironhack web development bootcamp last October. Needless to say, the 9 week journey Ironhack provides is different ( more)

    Review By: Nikolaas Verlee
    Reviewer's Score: Read Full Review
  • White pink logo

    Launch Academy

    Overall Rating: (4.66)
    29 Reviews

    Boston, Online, Philadelphia4 Courses

    Launch Academy is a full-time, 10-week full-stack coding bootcamp in Boston, Philadelphia, and online. After this immersive learning experience, aspiring software developers will be transformed into contributing members of the development community. The core curriculum is built on Ruby on Rails and includes JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Students learn from building real products under the guidance of experienced software engineers. "Breakable toys" are at the core of the learning experience at Launch Academy. Students conceptualize products they always wanted to use and over the course of the program learn the technical skills they need to build and improve upon their "breakable toy". Launchers complete the program with a workable product they can present to companies at career day where they meet with hiring managers from tech companies all over the country.

    Top Review:

    Amazing Experience

    The course is comprehensive and very intense. When I left I felt prepared for a career in web development. What sets Launch apart are the instructors, each one ( more)

    Review By: Brady Tatro
    Reviewer's Score: Read Full Review
  • Learningfuze logo 20 1


    Overall Rating: (4.98)
    64 Reviews

    Orange County, Irvine5 Courses

    LearningFuze is a full immersion 12-week web development bootcamp. Students learn full-stack front and back end development including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript/jQuery, PHP, MySQL, React, Git/GitHub, Node.JS, Bootstrap, and Firebase. Teaching includes problem-solving skills, essential workplace and interviewing skills, and programmer mindset training. The program doesn't require a degree or professional programming experience but does require that students have the right qualities as well as a dedication to learning and making a full-time commitment. Discounts, payment plans, and student loans which can also be used for living expenses are available. The program includes a 2-week prep class and a 12-week in person course. After graduation, students will continue to be plugged in to LearningFuze through the alumni network and the included job-search assistance. LearningFuze also offers a part-time intro course on nights and weekends.

    Top Review:

    Great Experience

    I came into LearningFuze with NO prior coding experience. I was looking for a change of pace career wise, and a friend recommended coding to me. Throughout my f ( more)

    Review By: Peter Woo
    Reviewer's Score: Read Full Review
  • Le Wagon is a 9-week Ruby on Rails focused bootcamp based out of Paris and other various locations. With a community of students with various backgrounds (engineers, journalists, architects, designers, etc.), applicants will join an exciting tech community. All the students of Le Wagon share the same technical background and apply industry best practices. This mix between diversity & technical expertise makes the community unique.

    Top Review:

    Best decision if you want to get into coding

    Before Le Wagon, I was working on the business team of a Portuguese startup where most of my colleagues were developers. Being in that environment, I naturally ( more)

    Review By: Ana Nunes da Silva
    Reviewer's Score: Read Full Review
  • Lighthouse labs logo compressor

    Lighthouse Labs

    Overall Rating: (4.43)
    61 Reviews

    Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Victoria, Halifax22 Courses

    Lighthouse Labs offers 10-week web and iOS development bootcamps in multiple cities across Canada. The bootcamps have small class sizes, a 1-to-7 teacher to student ratio, and a mentor community of over 40 full-time developers. The web development program covers JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, Node.JS, software architecture, and responsive design. The iOS program covers Objective-C, Swift, Cocoa Frameworks, APIs, animation, and storyboards. Both programs include one week of computer science education.

    Top Review:

    Web Development bootcamp graduate

    I had a great experience at Lighthouse. I was in the July 2017 full-time web development cohort and graduated in September 2017. By December I had 3 job offers ( more)

    Review By: Anonymous
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  • Makers academy logo compressor

    Makers Academy

    Overall Rating: (4.79)
    66 Reviews

    London2 Courses

    Makers Academy is a highly selective 12-week, full-time program (preceded by a four-week pre-course) which teaches web development in London. Courses start every four weeks at the new Makers HQ in Shoreditch and admission is highly competitive. Makers Academy accepts only the exceptional applicants onto the course, for a rigorous program that culminates in graduation. The final week for the students is dedicated to their future ambitions. This week our new Graduates will receive the personal attention of our expert placements team. They will focus on life-long learning skills and prepare to enter the job market. This could include technical tests, working on open-source code or even working with our engineering team on live, real-world, production code.

    Top Review:

    An absolutely incredible experience

    Makers academy was an amazing place and environment to learn how to code. The sense of community right from the start of the pre-course is incredible, with your ( more)

    Review By: Will Schwier
    Reviewer's Score: Read Full Review
  • Make school 600x600

    Make School

    Overall Rating: (4.88)
    8 Reviews

    San Francisco, Tokyo, Online, Beijing18 Courses

    Make School is a leader in Computer Science education offering practical, product-based educational programs across the world that prepare students for careers in the software industry. Through a 2-year or an 8-week program, students will focus on the coding aspect of app development, while gaining exposure to other aspects of product development like paper prototyping, user experience, user testing, marketing, analytics and more. Make School invites professionals from the tech industry, game industry, and startups to talk to students about product development at their companies; and students get to visit the companies as well.

    Top Review:

    What to expect...

    You'll start making from the first day you enter the Make School classroom, and you'll keep making and learning as you go... ( more)

    Review By: Mthabisi Ndlovu
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  • The New York Code + Design Academy teaches full-time and part-time courses in full-stack web development in New York City, Atlanta, Austin, Philadelphia, Raleigh, Salt Lake City, Washington, DC, and Amsterdam. The coding bootcamp has a "learning by doing" attitude through which students learn HTML5, CSS3, FTP, JavaScript, jQuery, Ruby, Rails, Database Theory, ActiveRecord, Command Line, Git, and Collaborative Software Development. The full-time program is 12 weeks, and the part-time program is 24 weeks. NYCDA encourages collaborative teamwork through team exercises and immersion in the tech community, and organized guest speakers and tech meetups.

    Top Review:

    A good place to start

    I did the web development intensive class over the summer 2017. It was not only a great learning experience, it was also pretty fun. Our instructor David would ( more)

    Review By: Danny
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  • Red social

    RED Academy

    Overall Rating: (4.42)
    57 Reviews

    Vancouver, London, Toronto44 Courses

    RED Academy is a full-time, 12-week or 24-week design and technology bootcamp located in Toronto and Vancouver, Canada. Programs are taught by seasoned industry professionals where students work with real clients on real-world projects. Coursework is designed to be modular, immersive and radically relevant to today's tech industry, giving students the skills, tools and software to help them succeed in today’s fast-paced digital economy. RED exists to develop and support the designers, developers, disruptors and entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Course subjects include: fullstack web development, UX design, digital marketing, UI/communication design, & app development.

    Top Review:

    life changing learning experience

    I went to RED for UI design for it is the only bootcamp that offers a course with focus on UI instead of UX. UX is a trending profession but I wanted to get som ( more)

    Review By: Anonymous
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  • Revature's RevaturePro is a full-time 12-week coding bootcamp in Reston, Virginia and online. Revature is a technology talent development company providing no-cost coding bootcamps for university graduates. Revature recruits, develops and deploys enterprise-ready technology talent, enabling corporate partners to succeed and grow.

  • Rslogo

    Rithm School

    Overall Rating: (4.93)
    16 Reviews

    San Francisco2 Courses

    Rithm School is an 18-week full-stack web development bootcamp in San Francisco, CA. Students who attend Rithm School will gain the technical skills needed to succeed as a web developer, along with a deep understanding of the industry's conventions and best practices. Rithm School places a strong emphasis on contributing to open source software, which provides a great opportunity to experience what being a web developer is all about. Students must prepare for the full course by completing extensive pre-coursework, which will take approximately 70-100 hours to complete. For pre-work, this bootcamp provides four hours of 1:1 instruction to keep students on track. Also, the full course is capped at 16 students to ensure a tailored learning experience.

    Top Review:

    Can you really change your entire life in 3 months?

    Hi 👋 my name is Andrew Mundy. I was part of Rithm’s second cohort at the beginning of 2017. As we approach a year since the beginning of my developer journey I ( more)

    Review By: Andrew Mundy
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  • Rutgers codingbootcamps

    Rutgers Bootcamps

    Overall Rating: (4.52)
    60 Reviews

    Jersey City, Somerset5 Courses

    Rutgers Bootcamps offers 12-week, full-time and 24-week, part-time web development courses, and 24-week, part-time Data Science courses in Somerset and Jersey City. The full-stack web development curriculum includes HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Node.js, Responsive Design, Meteor.js, React.js, MySQL, MongoDB, and more. The data science curriculum covers a broad array of technologies like Excel, Python, JavaScript, SQL Databases, and Tableau, and more.

    Top Review:

    An Amazing Experience!

    Ahmed is undoubtedly one of the best professors I have ever seen. It was an intense experience but I would highly recommend it. Go for it with 100% dedication a ( more)

    Review By: Siddhant Sehgal
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  • Sabio logo facebook profile picture 1


    Overall Rating: (4.95)
    152 Reviews

    Orange County, Los Angeles, Online12 Courses

    Sabio is a developer community offering 12-week full-time coding bootcamps in Los Angeles and Orange County. Sabio focuses on .NET/C# and trains across the full-stack in Mobile, Front End, Back End, Source Control, Database and Development platforms. Its project-based learning curriculum and pedagogy provide a superior training experience that exposes its students to the full software development life cycle.

    Top Review:

    Sabio is the best!

    Story time! When I finished high school I didn't know what I wanted to do. I tried for a vet tech first cuz it wouldn't take too long to get a certificate and s ( more)

    Review By: Lisa kalaidjian
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  • Sd logo

    Skill Distillery

    Overall Rating: (4.43)
    61 Reviews

    Denver1 Course

    Skill Distillery is an intensive 16-week program based in Denver, Colorado. The Java-centric course is divided into four, 4-week sessions called "quads." Students learn fundamentals, foundational technologies, and JavaScript libraries during the quads, and are given one week of project time between each quad. Upon graduation, Skill Distillery students will be effective full-stack programmers, with knowledge in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, SQL, Spring and other core technologies. Skill Distillery also focuses on job outcomes, helping students prepare for the job hunt with coaching in resume writing and interview skills.

    Top Review:

    Hesitant? Don’t be. Skill Distillery Will Teach You What You Need to Know to Become a Junior-Level Developer.

    For those hesitant to enter into a boot camp, I understand. I had concerns about my age, my ability to learn a new skill, not graduating with a bachelor’s in co ( more)

    Review By: Jackie McKenna
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  • 11707547 470365183123940 1304279354420006360 n

    Software Guild

    Overall Rating: (4.64)
    119 Reviews

    Minneapolis, Louisville, Online, Atlanta14 Courses

    The Software Guild offers immersive full-time, 12-week or part-time, 10 to 14-month coding bootcamps in Louisville, KY, Minneapolis, MN, and online. Courses focus on .NET/C# and Java and do a deep dive into the language fundamentals, server side, data tier, user interface, and tools. Software Guild focuses on .NET/C# and Java because those stacks are stable, proven, and in highest demand in the enterprise. The Software Guild takes driven beginners, or more experienced students passionate about development, and prepares them to compete for jobs as professional developers.

    Top Review:

    Java Web Development

    Intense program, with great teachers that makes you 100% prepared for a job as a software developer. ( more)

    Review By: Becky Sargent
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  • 500x500 logo arrow

    Startup Institute

    Overall Rating: (4.67)
    67 Reviews

    Boston33 Courses

    The Startup Institute offers four full-time tracks in Web Design, Web Development, Digital Marketing, and Sales and Account management in Boston and New York. The Startup Institute also offers part-time courses, a series of part-time introductory classes, in Ruby, Web Design, Digital Marketing, and JavaScript that meet one evening per week.

    Top Review:

    It's a ton of work, but it's worth it

    Startup Institute will supply you with extremely useful resources and an amazing network. These will allow you to get a spot in the tech industry. But SI isn't ( more)

    Review By: Keith Johnson
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  • Mark

    Tech Elevator

    Overall Rating: (4.91)
    65 Reviews

    Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati9 Courses

    Tech Elevator is an immersive 14-week coding bootcamp with tracks in Java and .NET. Their mission is to empower students to fulfill their career potential. Students will learn from instructors who have an average of 20 years of experience working in the field, and will gain an understanding of the foundational computer science concepts and theory necessary for a professional software developer, with special emphasis on practical application, techniques, and tools. Students in both the Java and .NET tracks will also learn client side web programming including Javascript, JQuery, Bootstrap, Web services, XML, JSON. In the .NET track, students will also be exposed to C#. For the final capstone project, students will work together on a business project, building a fully-functional app using either Java or .NET.

    Top Review:

    **Best Decision I’ve Ever Made!**

    I choose to go to a coding bootcamp because I had been living abroad for the last ten years and was afraid of how difficult it might be to find a good job when ( more)

    Review By: Ken Peterson
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  • Tech Talent South offers full and part-time programs to give students a great foundation in web development. Students will learn Ruby on Rails, Domain Modeling, HTTP and "RESTful" Design, HTML/CSS, JavaScript and AJAX, and understanding APIs. Students eager to make a career change, start their own business, or make the world a better place through technology are great candidates for Tech Talent South's 8-week programs.

    Top Review:

    Recent Graduate Feedback on Code Immersion Course (Part-time)

    Background I recently graduated from the 8 week part-time code immersion November - December 2017 cohort. I had previously been learning web development using ( more)

    Review By: David Blackwelder
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  • Turing logo cr


    Overall Rating: (4.76)
    109 Reviews

    Denver2 Courses

    Turing School of Software & Design is a 7-month, full-time training program in Denver, CO turning driven students into professional developers. Students who take their Back End Engineering Program or their front End Engineering Program will be surrounded by a supportive team dedicated to their career success. Turing's mission is to unlock human potential by training a diverse, inclusive student body to succeed in high-fulfillment technical careers, while Turing's vision is a world powered by technology where the people building it represent the people using it. Turing is the brainchild of Jeff Casimir and Jumpstart Labs (you might recognize these names from Hungry Academy and gSchool, among other achievements). The staff at Turing emphasizes their educational experience, not just their years as developers, and promises that successful graduates of the school will be valuable contributors to the company they choose to work for through community-driven education. The application process is rolling and requires a resume, writing sample, video response, and logic challenge. Students in the Turing program will learn TDD with Ruby, Ruby Web Applications with Sinatra & Rails, Professional Web Applications, and High-Performance Applications with APIs and Services. In addition, Turing now accepts the GI Bill and offers M-1 visa assistance.

    Top Review:

    Big challenge, Big commitment, even Bigger pay off

    Full Disclosure, wasn't able to finish at Turing for reasons that had nothing to do with the School, but was able to complete 3 of the 4 modules and even repe ( more)

    Review By: Co7
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  • Logo for facebook


    Overall Rating: (4.35)
    21 Reviews

    New York City8 Courses

    TurnToTech offers full-time, 10 to 16-week mobile development and part-time, 30 to 36-week cyber security bootcamps based in New York, New York. TurnToTech aims to produce well-rounded software engineers with a deep understanding of mobile platforms, app development, and cyber security.

    Top Review:

    Great Place To Learn

    Turn To Tech has great teachers and staff memebers. Their cuuricum is always changing and is a great place to learn the fundamnetals of IOS/Android development. ( more)

    Review By: Anonymous
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  • Vs 3

    V School

    Overall Rating: (4.76)
    42 Reviews

    Salt Lake City, Online, Beirut, Cape Coast13 Courses

    V School is a coding bootcamp in Provo and Salt Lake City, Utah, with online and in-person programs on JavaScript, Python/Django, and Front-End Web Development. V School offers two tracks – the Career Changer and the Skill Builder. The Career Changer is a full time 12-week program on Full Stack JavaScript. The Skill Builder is a selection of part time courses including Intro to Web Development, Front End JavaScript, and iOS Mobile Development. Students are also given career advice about job seeking, networking and technical interviewing.

    Top Review:


    V School is an engaging school with all the utilities to jumpstart a successful and lucrutive career. The curriculum is constantly being modified and updated to ( more)

    Review By: Shan Miller
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  • Wccit logo circle sm

    We Can Code IT

    Overall Rating: (4.56)
    52 Reviews

    Cleveland, Columbus5 Courses

    Founded in 2013, We Can Code IT is a full stack coding bootcamp with campuses in Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio, with 14-week, full-time coursesThe Cleveland campus has a focus on C#, .NET, and, while the Columbus campus focuses on Java, Spring, and JPA. All programs cover Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, MVC, Structured Query Language (SQL) and more. We Can Code IT also prepares students for software development careers with the Career Difference (TM) program, which helps students with career development from day one.

    Top Review:

    Glad I Did It

    We Can Code IT was a chance I am glad I took. It was definitely intense and all the advice recommending to put your life on hold for the 12 weeks is definitely ( more)

    Review By: Cindy Colucy
    Reviewer's Score: Read Full Review
  • Wyncode icon


    Overall Rating: (4.58)
    149 Reviews

    Miami6 Courses

    Wyncode offers a 10-week, full-time and 12-week, part-time web development bootcamp based in Miami, FL. Aiming to teach practical and relevant skills to motivated individuals, Wyncode can help whether your goal is to get a job or to start your own company. Students will write 5,000 lines of code, collaborate with classmates to build complex applications, and participate in a hands-on immersive course in their quest to be Ruby on Rails developers. Upon completion of the program, graduates will have received intensive training in Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3, in addition to acquiring soft skills like business and leadership skills.

    Top Review:

    A few words of advice

    It's hard to sum up the Wyncode experience in a short review so I'll do my best to keep things concise! Wyncode has truly been a life changing experience.  I ( more)

    Review By: Kevin Schaffter
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  • 988917 466484546847892 5279792848386255857 n

    Zip Code Wilmington

    Overall Rating: (5.0)
    41 Reviews

    Wilmington1 Course

    Zip Code Wilmington offers a full-time, 12-week full-stack coding bootcamp focused on Java technologies in Wilmington, Delaware. At Zip Code, the motto is "learn here, work anywhere." Founded in 2015, Zip Code Wilmington is Delaware's first coding bootcamp. Students attend classes 5 days a week and put in between 80-100 hours a week.

    Top Review:


    Zip Code Wilmington is much more than a crash course in software development. In addition to the technical knowledge and professional guidance that the staff st ( more)

    Review By: Dennis Kalaygian
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  • Rising Stars of 2017

  • Andela is a four-year, paid Technical Leadership Program in Lagos, Nigeria and Nairobi, Kenya. The program is designed to shape you into an elite software developer. Through your training and work with top global technology companies, you’ll master the professional and technical skills needed to become a technology leader, both on the continent and around the world. The curricula spans the following programming languages: Ruby / Ruby on Rails, Python / Django, PHP / Laravel, MEAN Stack, & Mobile Development (Android and iOS).

  • Bcs logo 1000px

    Barcelona Code School

    Overall Rating: (4.65)
    25 Reviews

    Barcelona, Online4 Courses

    Barcelona Code School offers a 9-week full-time Full-Stack JavaScript Bootcamp in Barcelona, Spain and online. Barcelona Code School's curriculum is focused on using JavaScript with Node.js, MongoDB, React.js and Meteor.js. This Java-Script-focused curriculum will maximize the demand for a student's skills upon graduation. Classes are Monday through Friday from 9:30am until 7:30pm with small group courses where students can receive one-on-one attention from their instructors and master their daily lessons. Located in a prime office space in the center of the city, students can focus on their coursework and excel in the classroom. Besides in-person bootcamp, Barcelona Code School also launched an online version with live streaming lectures and Q&A sessions, weekly online 1:1 sessions and continuous support for the remote students. 

    Top Review:

    JavaScript Full-Stack Bootcamp

    If you are looking to change career and get a job in tech I would definitely recommend the JavaScript Full-Stack Bootcamp at Barcelona Code School. The cours ( more)

    Review By: Ross
    Reviewer's Score: Read Full Review
  • Glaaultc

    Claim Academy

    Overall Rating: (4.36)
    33 Reviews

    St. Louis3 Courses

    Claim Academy is a 3-month developer coding and software training bootcamp in St. Louis that offers a 12-week classes in full stack Java and .Net. Claim Academy is accredited and approved by the State of Missouri Workforce Development to train IT professionals. Students can apply with with little to no programming experience, but should be prepared for an in-person or webcam interview, and should complete the Introduction to Ruby Course through Code School before the first day of class.

    Top Review:

    A great launching pad into software development

    Computer engineering had always been interesting to me, but I did not have a solid base on which to build solid and marketable skills.  I had watched lectures o ( more)

    Review By: Nick
    Reviewer's Score: Read Full Review
  • Code 20institute 20600 20logo

    Code Institute

    Overall Rating: (4.1)
    10 Reviews

    Dublin, Online1 Course

    Code Institute is an intensive web development coding school based in Dublin. Code Institute offers a 12 week in-person bootcamp as well as flexible online mentored options over 12-48 weeks. The program covers technologies like Python, JavaScript, GitHub, Agile Development, and more. Code Institute's main bootcamp offering can be full or part time and includes a hiring week at the conclusion and a specific focus on portfolio building. 

    Top Review:

    Highly recommend the Full Stack Developer bootcamp @ Code Institute for anyone looking for a career in coding/ tech - well worth the investment!

    I completed Code Institute's 13 week Full Stack developer bootcamp in April 2016. Before applying to Code Institute, I did quite a bit of research on bootcamps ( more)

    Review By: Nakita McCool
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  • Cc logo for course report

    Coder Camps

    Overall Rating: (3.89)
    63 Reviews

    Seattle, Online, Phoenix8 Courses

    Coder Camps offers 12-week coding bootcamps in Seattle, Washington, Phoenix, Arizona and online. Full and part-time students have the opportunity to choose between full-stack options like .NET, Java, JavaScript and C#. Unlike other schools that teach a single technology stack, Coder Camps covers a variety of technologies in a modular curriculum that prepares you for actual careers. All programs utilize Agile software development techniques and provide experience working in team roles, the application life cycle, and with mobile & cloud applications. Students will master these skills with the help of experienced instructors guiding them through hands-on, real-world projects, and daily individual and paired programming exercises. To apply, prospective students can fill out a short online form and start a series of interviews. 

    Top Review:


    Coder Camps is a great school. It's tough, but there are so many helpful staff, mentors, and students who are always willing to help. I highly recommend Coder C ( more)

    Review By: H. Johnson
    Reviewer's Score: Read Full Review
  • Covalence stacked 600


    Overall Rating: (4.65)
    26 Reviews

    Birmingham, Chattanooga, Nashville, Fort Lauderdale, Online10 Courses

    Covalence offers a 10-week immersive coding bootcamp in Birmingham, Alabama, and Chattanooga, Tennesse. Covalence offers a Front End Development Course and a Full Stack Development Course, both focusing on technologies like JavaScript and HTML/CSS, responsive design, JavaScript frameworks, and back-end basics. Class sizes are limited to 15-20 people, and are taught by industry professionals from Platypi, a full-service design, web, and mobile development firm. 

    Top Review:

    A great way to change (or advance) your career

    Becoming a developer was something I had wanted to do for quite some time, but was unsure of how to get there. Having already gotten a degree in accounting, I d ( more)

    Review By: Jennifer Farnish
    Reviewer's Score: Read Full Review
  • Grand circus logo

    Grand Circus

    Overall Rating: (4.0)
    21 Reviews

    Detroit, Grand Rapids9 Courses

    Grand Circus is a multi-faceted training institute in Detroit with a mission to elevate the city's tech community. Grand Circus is the home for learning, co-working, and events in Detroit. They focus on training with a purpose or project based instruction that delivers real world experience. They offer a variety of classes in technology, business, and design ranging from short workshops to longer multi-month courses. Examples of current class offerings include: Learn to Code, Build an iPhone App, Digital Marketing, Ruby Programming, From Print to Digital Design, Build an Android App, and How to Create a Business Plan.

    Top Review:

    Java Bootcamp

    I took the Java Bootcamp with Grand Circus in August. Antonella is a great instructor and is very calm and collective even when helping students who don't pay a ( more)

    Review By: Joe
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  • Learn block web

    LEARN Academy

    Overall Rating: (4.5)
    18 Reviews

    San Diego2 Courses

    The LEARN Academy is a JavaScript and Rails bootcamp in San Diego, broken into three months of intensive classroom training learning to code followed by a one-month internship. The LEARN Academy is a hands-on, intensive course with daily exercises, landmark skill assessments, industry guest speakers and expert classroom instruction to keep students challenged every day.

    Top Review:

    From Wedding Planner to Web Developer

    A year ago, I was a wedding planner. Today, I am a software engineer at a Fortune 50 company. People laugh when I tell them that…like they think it must be a ( more)

    Review By: Krista
    Reviewer's Score: Read Full Review
  • Facebook page profile pic

    NEXT Academy

    Overall Rating: (4.1)
    89 Reviews

    1 Course

    NEXT Academy offers a 10-week coding bootcamp focused on web development in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. NEXT Academy was founded by self-taught programmer and bootcamp graduate, Josh Teng. NEXT Academy partnered with the Malaysian government agency, Malaysian Global Innovation & Creative Centre (MaGIC) in 2014 - jointly officiated by U.S. President Obama, Prime Minister of Malaysia Najib Razak and Founding CEO Cheryl Yeoh who previously sold her company to Walmart Labs, to grow the tech startup ecosystem in Malaysia.

    Top Review:

    No regrets, fully recommended!

    The bootcamp has very helpful mentors with great attitude. It is designed in a way where you learn the more challenging fundamentals before learning the easier ( more)

    Review By: Alvin
    Reviewer's Score: Read Full Review
  • 10455804 1608718452708368 395013245233303615 n

    Orange County Code School

    Overall Rating: (5.0)
    35 Reviews

    Irvine, Orange County2 Courses

    Orange County Code School is a 12-week immersive coding bootcamp in Orange County, CA. OCCS includes 540 hours of hands-on coding and instructors with 15+ years of industry experience. There are no pre-requisites or coding experience required for admission. Classes cover JavaScript, Node.js React, Redux, Angular, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, HTML5, and CSS3. Coursework focuses on industry best practices and collaboration workflow, and includes guest speakers from the largest local technology companies. Students receive ongoing job assistance including skill building, and hiring/networking workshops and events. Students are also given the opportunity to connect with peers in alumni activities after completion of the bootcamp.

    Top Review:

    Best Decision I've Ever Made in My Life

    I was a member of the 9th Cohort. I graduated in August 2017 and have since then landed a position at a major company, content with my new line of work and grat ( more)

    Review By: Kenny Kim Jr.
    Reviewer's Score: Read Full Review
  • Socialmedialogo

    Redwood Code Academy

    Overall Rating: (4.96)
    23 Reviews

    Irvine, Orange County6 Courses

    Redwood Code Academy is an intensive full-stack software development bootcamp located in Irvine, CA. Technologies taught include HTML, CSS, Javascript (Including AngularJS and React), .NET, C# and SQL. Redwood Code Academy covers full stack software development, with a focus on web application, but also includes mobile applications, desktop applications and cloud services. The Academy focuses on real world skills training by helping students learn the fundamentals of full stack development, work in teams to build a portfolio and gain the skills necessary to interview and land that dream job. Full-time and part-time courses with financing options are available.

    Top Review:

    Full Stack Dev

    Redwood has proved to me that they are efficient as a school and as a business. The staff maintains a great balance exhibiting professional and personable manne ( more)

    Review By: Darlene Kim
    Reviewer's Score: Read Full Review
  • Spiced academy logo

    SPICED Academy

    Overall Rating: (4.73)
    26 Reviews

    Berlin2 Courses

    SPICED Academy offers a full-time, 12-week full-stack immersive coding bootcamp in Berlin, Germany. The Full Stack Web Development program covers languages and technologies like JavaScript, HTML, CSS, jQuery, MV Frameworks, NodeJS, and SQL. Students will learn indispensable skills in leading by influence, effective communication, and problem-solving.

    Top Review:

    Best Bootcamp Experience you can hope for

    Learning coding at SPICED was such a great experience! You work together with like-minded people and learn from the great teachers at SPICED - your goal: to lea ( more)

    Review By: David
    Reviewer's Score: Read Full Review
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